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On the Trans-Siberian in Winter

by Sara Wheeler | 28 March 2018

              You can only appreciate the engineering feat of the Trans-Siberian Railway by riding it in winter, as I just did. They might as well have laid tracks across...

Wedding venues and tutus

by Sara Wheeler | 28 March 2018

            I have never married, but when I do (one lives in hope) I will wed at Hales Hall, a Tudor pile in nine acres thirteen miles south-east of Norwich....

Beneath Another Sky

by Sara Wheeler | 28 March 2018

‘Travelling’ historian Norman Davies writes near the end of this enthralling book, ‘had allowed me to think freely about the subject I have spent most of my life studying.’ From the journeys described in these...

Gertrude Bell – On the Far Edge

by Sara Wheeler | 20 November 2017

 Besides reshaping the political map of the Middle East, Gertrude Bell was a noted scholar and a distinguished linguist. Literally and metaphorically, she entered uncharted territory. Like so many Victorian women, she flourished abroad, that...

World’s Greatest Polar Explorer

by Sara Wheeler | 14 November 2017

Recently, at Cape Norway, a shingle beach on the western extremity of Jackson Land in the uninhabited Arctic, I paid homage at one of the most sacred sites of Arctic history. In the giddy era...

Moritz Thomsen

by Sara Wheeler | 7 November 2017

Some years ago, I rode a bus north from Rio to Bahia, 1000 long miles and 30 longer hours. Blue mountains, dusty air, and the sertão, that region menaced by poverty and afflicted by droughts...