Sara Wheeler


Dear Daniel: Letters from Antarctica


ISBN 978-0750030557

My only children’s book. I tried, writing this, to do the same thing as I did in Terra Incognita – take the reader there. The Daniel in question, my eldest and much-loved godson, is a doctor now.

Amazonian: Penguin Book of Women’s New Travel Writing


ISBN 978-0140268027

Co-edited this. I wish we had done a follow-up volume – though maybe it’s not too late. We wrote some bolshie feminist stuff in the intro which Private Eye picked up on – the highest accolade.

The Magnetic North: Notes from the Arctic Circle


ISBN 978-0099516880

If the Antarctic is a symbol of what the planet could be, the Arctic represents what the planet actually is. This is a book about beauty and horror. And it was wonderful to hear the crunch of my boots on ice again.

Terra Incognita: Travels In Antarctica


ISBN 978-0099731818

The Big White was one of the great thrills of my life. I was there for seven months. The American government installed me as Writer-in-Residence at the South Pole.

O My America! Second Acts in a New World


ISBN 978-0099541349

I love the US, and the most interesting period of its history was the second and third quarters of the nineteenth century, before the railroad joined it up, coast to coast. I turned fifty while this one was on the go and I find it now infused with the elegiac melancholy of middle age.

Chile: Travels in a Thin Country


ISBN 978-0349120010

For this one I spent six months travelling from the top to the bottom of Chile carrying only a carpetbag – the working title of the manuscript was, ‘Keep the Mountains on the Left’.



ISBN 978-0375754548

My first biography. Writing it was an adventure every bit as challenging as travelling in Antarctica. I miss Cherry. In my head I was with him every day for three years. Dead people are so much easier to get along with than live ones.

Evia: An Island Apart


ISBN 978-0356203676

This was my first book, so I look back on it with tenderness.  Re-reading it now I hardly recognise the young woman who was once me . . .

Too Close To The Sun


ISBN 978-0099450276

Remember Robert Redford in Out of Africa? This is a biography of the real man, Denys Finch Hatton. He was the open road made flesh.

Access All Areas: Travels on an Undiscovered Greek Island


ISBN 0-123-45678-0