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Reviews of Sara's Books

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America: the land of second acts for women

Ginny Dougary | March 2013

Travel writer Sara Wheeler’s latest book chronicles the middle-aged Englishwomen who reinvented themselves in 19th-century America

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Up Front

The New York Times | 27th January, 2012

Sara Wheeler is no stranger to the rigors — and the literature — of polar exploration. The author of “The Magnetic North: Notes From the Arctic Circle” and “Terra Incognita: Travels in Antarctica,” she has also written a biography of Apsley Cherry-Garrard, whose classic account of the doomed Robert Falcon Scott expedition, “The Worst Journey in the World,” she first read “in a lonely tent on the West Antarctic ice sheet.”

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Northern Lights: Sara Wheeler

BBC Radio 3 | 6th December 2015

As part of Radio 3's Northern Lights season, Michael Berkeley's guest is the award-winning writer on the Polar Regions, Sara Wheeler.

Sara Wheeler spent years resisting the magnetic North.

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Sara Wheeler Interview

Wanderlust | 14th October, 2016

Shoe-eating explorers, 'pee boxes' and reindeer-intestine suppers: writer Sara Wheeler reveals the glamour of Arctic travel

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Argentina: an interview with Sara Wheeler


Sara Wheeler, British travel author and biographer, recently travelled with us to Argentina where she journeyed across the country from Buenos Aires to Mendoza to Salta accompanied by her twelve year old son.

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One Minute With: Sara Wheeler, travel writer, biographer

One Minute with SW in the Independent | 15th March, 2013

Sara discusses all things books, fiction and heroines with The Independent.

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Sara Wheeler Marks 50 Years With ‘Access All Areas’

WWD | 20th February, 2013

"I chose pieces that would make a coherent narrative and give some variety,” Sara Wheeler says of her new book, “Access All Areas: Selected Writings 1990-2011”, assembled to celebrate her 50th birthday.

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Interview with Sara Wheeler

Taylor and Francis Online | 17th March 2014

Wheeler talks of travellers and writers whom she admires, travelling and writing as a woman, the question of moral responsibility, the visual quality of her writing, and the need to be faithful to one's voice.

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How We Met: Sara Wheeler & Jeremy Lewis

The Independent

The first thing I noticed about Jeremy was that he has hands like root vegetables; big and angular. We met at a publisher's party about 20 years ago, though I'd already read the first volume of his autobiography, Playing for Time, and had found it very funny and descriptive.

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Career Focus: Travel Journalism - Sara Wheeler

Mum and Working

I always wanted to be a writer. I started off writing travel articles on spec, getting them rejected, and trying again.

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Where Have All The Female Travel Writers Gone?

The Guardian | 28th February, 2017

Only a quarter of the titles submitted to this year’s Dolman Travel Book award were women, despite Mary Kingsley and Matha Gellhorn demonstrating that women make excellent travellers

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