See below for a list of some of Sara’s book reviews. There are many more not listed here.

Reviews in the New York Times include:

All Sara’s Guardian and Observer reviews can be found by clicking here. These include:

  • The Durrells of Corfu by Michael Haag
  • Borders by Kapka Kassabova
  • Ariel:  A Literary Life of Jan Morris by Derek Johns, together with Dashing for the Post: The Letters of Patrick Leigh Fermor
  • The Running Hare by John Lewis-Stempel
  • Weatherland by Alexandra Harris
  • The Ancient Art of Growing Old by Tom Payne
  • Reading the World by Ann Morgan
  • How to Ruin a Queen by Jonathan Beckman
  • Son of  a Gun by Justin St Germain
  • Down to the Sea in Ships by Horatio Clare
  • The Liberty Tree by Suzanne Harrington
  • The Faraway Nearby by Rebecca Solnit
  • She Left Me the Gun by Emma Brockes
  • Wild by Sheryl Strayed
  • Meander by Jeremy Seal

Reviews in The Times Literary Supplement include

Reviews in the Financial Times include

Reviews for the Literary Review can be found by clicking here. These Include:

  • Conquistadores and Cubaneros: A Subtropical Dilemma by Mark Kurlansky
  • Aurora: In Search of the Northern Lights by Melanie Windridge
  • Man Belong Mrs Queen: Adventures with the Philip Worshippers by Matthew Baylis
  • Pacific: The Ocean of the Future by Simon Winchester
  • The Explorer’s Daughter  by Kari Herbert
  • Boundless: Tracing Land and Dream in a New Norhwest Passage, by Kathleen Winter
  • The Crossing of Antarctica by George Lowe and Huw Lewis-Jones, and Shackleton by Michael Smith
  • Driving Home by Jonathan Raban
  • Nature Crime: How We’re Getting Conservation Wrong by Rosaleen Duffy
  • Manhood: The Rise and Fall of the Penis by Mels van Driel
  • The Third Man Factor: True Stories of Survival in Extreme Environments by John Geiger
  • Siberia: A History of the People by Janet M. Hartley
  • Come on Shore and We Will Kill You and Eat  You by Christina Thompson
  • The South American Diaries by John Hopkins
  • The Long Exile: a True Story of Deception and Survival among the Inuit by Melanie mcgrath
  • The Founding of Arvon by John Moat

Sara’s Chosen Spectator Book of the year, one random year

Reviews in The Times include


Sara’s book reviews in the Telegraph are too numerous to list individually, but most are available online.   They include Scott of the Antarctic by David Crane, The Singing Line by Alice Thomson, Down Under by Bill Bryson, The Buddha and Dr Führer by Charles Allen, Dancing on Ice by Jeremy Scott,  Waterlog by Roger Deakin,  Stars Beneath the Sea by Trevor Norton and  A Fish Caught  in Time by Samantha Weinberg, Driving Mr Albert by Michael Paterniti, A Stranger’s Eye by Fergal Keane,  Cobra Road by Trevor Fishlock, Hand-Grenade Practice in Peking by Frances Wood, Nansen by Roland Huntford, Freya Stark by Jane Fletcher Geniesse, Martha Gellhorn by Caroline Moorehead,  Ghost Riders by Richard Grant, Hell with a Capital H by Katherine Lambert and I Am Just Going Outside by Michael Smith, In a Far Country by John Taliaferro, The Snakebite Survivors’ Club by Jeremy Seal, Scoop-Wallah by Justine Hardy, Between Extremes by Brian Keenan and John McCarthy, The Island of Lost Maps by Miles Harvey, The Journals of  a White Sea Wolf by Mariusz Wilk, The Ferocious Summer by Meredith Hooper, Ghost Train through the Andes by Michael Jacobs,  The World is What it Is: The Authorized Biography of  V.S. Naipaul by Patrick French, Pinochet in Piccadilly by Andy Beckett,  Sidetracks by Richard Holmes, Fresh-Air Fiend by Paul Theroux, Wilfred Thesiger by Alexander Maitland, I To Myself: An Annotated Selection from the Journal of Henry D. Thoreau, Ed. Jeffrey S. Cramer,  Shadow of the Silk Road by Colin Thubron, Tip and Run by Edward Paice, Big Snake by Robert Twigger, Outcasts of the Islands by Sebastian Hope, Facing the Congo by Jeffrey Taylor, A Whale Hunt by Robert Sullivan, The Map that Changed the World by Simon Winchester.

And there are more on the Other Writings page. See too the Wall Street Journal for Sara’s literary pieces.